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    ¿Está Lidiando Con Una Segunda Infracción De DUI?

    ¿Ha sido acusado de conducir bajo los efectos del alcohol por segunda vez? Si es así, es posible que necesite un abogado que le represente, y debe actuar ya. Usted necesita un abogado con experiencia que defenderá agresivamente su nombre y sus derechos durante el juicio. Uno de los abogados con experiencia en DUI de The Irving Law Firm, P.C. puede ser capaz de ayudarle a vencer las consecuencias de un segundo delito de DUI, y / o mitigar la gravedad de los cargos asociados. Nuestros abogados experimentados tienen un sólido historial de éxito cuando se trata de representar a los residentes de Virginia en cargos por conducir ebrio.

    Siga leyendo para saber más sobre Virginia leyes de DUI y cómo un abogado de DUI puede ser capaz de ayudarle.

    Información Sobre Las Leyes De DUI De Virginia

    Si esta es su 2da ofensa de DUI entonces usted sabe que necesita defenderse contra lo que le espera.
    Por ejemplo, si usted ya fue condenado por conducir bajo la influencia y esta es su segunda ofensa de DUI en cinco años, la ley de Virginia ordena que usted pasará por lo menos 20 días en la cárcel si usted es condenado.

    Incluso si han pasado más de cinco años desde su primer delito de DUI. Las sanciones por una segunda condena por DUI podrían significar que usted será condenado a un año de cárcel. Una condena también significa que tendrás que pagar una multa de 500 dólares y se te retirará el carné durante tres años.

    Abogados De DUI: Lo Que Necesita Saber

    Las personas que se enfrentan a una segunda ofensa de DUI especialmente en Fairfax, Manassas, o Virginia del Norte deben considerar cuidadosamente a quien van a contratar para hablar por ellos en la corte. Las leyes de DUI de Virginia son complicadas y no deben tomarse a la ligera.

    Usted necesita un abogado en su esquina que tiene una experiencia considerable – y el éxito – que representa a las personas que enfrentan un delito por segunda vez. Usted necesitará un abogado que entienda cómo funciona el sistema legal cuando se trata de un segundo delito de DUI.

    Por lo tanto, si este es su primer, segundo o tercer cargo de DUI, o incluso si se enfrenta a un DUI menor de edad, llame a una de las mejores firmas de abogados criminales de Virginia para manejar los cargos de conducir ebrio que enfrenta.

    Deje Que The Irving Law Firm Le Ayude…

    Su defensa merece sólo lo mejor – así que elija a The Irving Law Firm, P.C. para que lo represente.

    Nuestro Manassas, VA segunda ofensa DUI abogados le ayudará a navegar a través de estos tiempos difíciles y hacer todo lo posible para obtener sus cargos reducidos o desestimados.

    Armados con años de experiencia y un compromiso con nuestros clientes, lucharemos para conseguirle la justicia que se merece.

    Si tiene alguna pregunta o desea ponerse en contacto con un experto abogado de justicia penal de inmediato, por favor llámenos
    en (703) 844-4118 o rellene nuestro formulario de contacto.

      Para Una Evaluación De Su Asunto Legal Llámenos O Envíenos Un Correo Electrónico Abajo

      Aviso legal: Ponerse en contacto con nosotros a través de los formularios y el teléfono del sitio web no crea una relación abogado-cliente.

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      He’ll Fight For You In The Court Until You Can’t Fight Anymore

      I got charged with a possession charge and couldn’t afford a lawyer at the time, so the court appointed Fernando to my case. Whenever you choose to get a court appointed lawyer you’re always taking a risk. Because you’re one of who knows how many clients the court has given him with the same problems. But, Fernando never made me feel like another “body” he’d do basic work for while moving to the next. He’s sincere, he listens, and genuinely wants his clients to succeed. He’ll fight for you in the court until you can’t fight anymore. He was truly a blessing and a great lawyer.

      Ashley, Google Client Reviewed

      He Is Such A Good Lawyer & Will Fight Hard For You

      Mr.Irving literally saved my life. He is such a good lawyer and will fight hard for you. His whole staff is also super nice and professional. I was in big trouble and he managed to get my charges dropped down to a lower offence. I really appreciated his direct straight up approach with me, along with his empathy and understanding. I will never use another lawyer again. He really is the best!.

      Karina Alvarez, Google Client Reviewed

      Has Been Fully Engaged In Working My Case From The Moment He Was Assigned!

      A fantastic firm. I have used them for both criminal defense and civil law and cannot recommend them enough. For my civil case I was awarded significantly more than I thought I would be getting and it came in a very timely manner. Fernando, who is handling my criminal case, is amazing. He has been fully engaged in working my case from the moment he was assigned. He is trustworthy, provides honest assessments of situations, and has proven himself invaluable to me. In this very trying time he has also shown that he actually cares about my case and it’s outcome. I’m so grateful he’s on my side and I have recommended him to a number of friends and family members. If you need a lawyer this entire firm seems to be absolutely top notch.

      Ryan D., Google Client Reviewed
      He Delivered On Everything He Promised!

      Marc B. was amazing! He delivered on everything he promised. He prepared me for worst case scenario and had a great plan from the beginning. Luckily he was able to get all charges dropped. He’s a very busy guy but never made me feel like he rushed anything. I usually do not like dealing with lawyers, but he’s a rare breed. He’s very professional, personable and likable. Best of all he charged me a flat fee up front. I owe that guy everything. Least I could do is leave a great review. I would definitely recommend him, and use his talents again if needed.

      Daniel Peters, Google Client Reviewed
      Thanks For The Comfort Of Having A Great Law Firm To Lean On!

      John Irving and the rest of the team at Irving Law Firm have provided exceptional service for all of my needs on multiple occasions. I would not recommend anyone else. They take the time to explain what will happen, keep you updated, and make sure to provide the best possible help they can. Thanks for the comfort of having a great law firm to lean on!

      Pro Edge Painting Office, Google Client Reviewed

      The Outcome Was Better Than We Could Have Hoped For

      John and The Irving Law Firm handled our case with the utmost professionalism and dignity. We are grateful for John’s knowledge and his great reputation in the area. The outcome was better than we could have hoped for and, should we ever have need for legal services again, The Irving Law Firm will be our first call.

      Robin Tomlin, Google Client Reviewed

      The Best Customer Service, Amazing Rates & Knowledge In The Business

      John is an amazing lawyer with the experience and knowledge to represent anybody with any issues. I highly recommend the Irving Law Firm to anybody looking for a law firm with the best customer service, amazing rates and knowledge in the business.

      Elder R., Birdseye Client Reviewed

      Quick To Respond & Are Empathetic To Your Struggles

      The attorneys at Irving and Irving are honest, hard-working and will stand by you until your case is closed. They are quick to respond and are empathetic to your struggles. If I ever need an attorney again, they are the only one’s I would trust. Thank you!

      J. Dunn, Birdseye Client Reviewed
      Handled My Case Including Guidance Before & During My Time In Court

      John and his team are great at what they do. I was pleased at how they handled my case including guidance before and during my time in court. I would recommend them to anyone.

      Yanni, Birdseye Client Reviewed
      Genuinely Wants His Clients To Succeed & Cares For Their Future

      Marc is an outstanding lawyer. He has been nothing but respectful and professional since the day I have met him. He genuinely wants his clients to succeed and cares for their future. I Would definitely recommend him in the future to anybody who’s looking for a lawyer.

      Ebrat Noory, Google Client Reviewed

      When I Say He Fought For Me He Fought For Me!

      I want to say this is the best law firm. Mark is the best very professional and outstanding never lied to me was always upfront with me. He stood up for me in court he’s just awesome I can’t say enough about him. I would recommend this law firm to any and everyone that wants good representation. When I say he fought for me he fought for me!!!!! He always was there when I called or emailed if he was a tab bit busy. He knows what he is doing in the courtroom. Thank you so much Marc.

      Michael Riley, Google Client Reviewed

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