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Who We Are

We are on a mission at the Irving Law Firm to provide exceptional service and client satisfaction. While our unwavering commitment has propelled and defined our purpose, it has also led us to achieve one of the highest reputations in Northern Virginia and beyond. To better meet the needs of our community from the beginning of a life to the very end, we are ever expanding our law practice to focus on Criminal, Family, Personal Injury and Estate Planning. We have carved out a niche for ourselves, and it is this foundation on which our clients have assurance and trust.

One of the reasons we have such success is due to our varied work experience and the professional and personal diversity of our legal advisors. Our team at The Irving Law Firm includes attorneys and staff who have worked in private and government sectors, entrepreneurial ventures, as police officers and as private investigators. By having such a wide range of training and legal knowledge, we have an advantage and an insider’s perspective to the complex practice of law. “Being the best that we can” is our trademark mantra and serves as the cornerstone of philosophy for our firm.

At our core, we encompass a thorough and detailed understanding of the procedural processes of law. Our dependable attitude towards our clients’ needs and our total focus, dedication and commitment to professionalism speaks to our values as individuals and as a collective. Achieving the highest legal outcome for each given situation drives and motives us. We have hired the best so clients can receive the best, and our results and client satisfaction tell the story of that success.

Now more than ever, we live in a time when we can not always believe what we see or what we hear; and with social media driving so many public perceptions, legal problems can be taken out of context and distorted. We take pride in tackling those difficult and complex cases and successfully resolving them. Cases that other attorneys routinely decline due to pressure, difficult jurisdictions or just the nature of the accusations, we enthusiastically seek to win. Everyday we practice law and in every case we address, we are committed and dedicated to the total satisfaction of our clients and achieving the most optimal outcome for the specific situation we're faced with. Building a roll-up-the-sleeves environment of hard work inspires and challenges everyone to demand equal success for each other. In the end and with final outcome in mind, what it simply comes down to is a clear position of - when our clients win, we win.

What We Represent

Creativity is not a term typically associated with a law firm, but it is with us. Sometimes, thinking beyond the normal methods or an out-of-the-box approach can give us an edge other firms might ignore. Efficiency is important because it translates to better end results and less monetary strain for our clients. Innovation ensures we handle every case with the latest techniques providing higher rates of success. Finally, flexibility enables our attorneys to change direction or roll with any punch at a moment’s notice, which can greatly affect a positive outcome. We look for avenues to work creatively, more efficiently, find paths for new and improved innovative approaches and continually teach ourselves to be flexible to alter a course if necessary. Our clients deserve the best, and it is our honor to provide it.

Once legal resources are needed to resolve an issue, we understand that no matter the type of problem a client faces, it is a transformative and a life-altering event. Clients are relying on us to help during times of great emotional stress, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We will walk with each person through these trying circumstances and help resolve each case with satisfaction.

If a client is charged for a criminal offense, we first attempt to outright dismiss all charges. If this not an option, we try to win his/her trial quickly or to negotiate the best terms possible. If someone is in the process of a divorce or a family dispute, it is our mission to help achieve the desired goals while approaching the unique family dynamics with compassion and sensitivity. If a client is injured or the victim of an accident, we will work tirelessly to obtain the highest compensation allowed. If clients are seeking to establish a simple will, a complex trust, elder care or find themselves in probate, we will walk them through these processes carefully and meticulously. We understand the gravity of each situation placed in our hands, and it is our promise and our privilege to relentlessly fight for the rights of our clients.

In a field where many people look at the players as a necessary evil with dubious reputations, The Irving Law Firm breaks the mold. John Irving, founder and senior partner, patterns his life on integrity and character. While being a person of compassion, this in no way curbs his competitive drive and desire to win. It just means John Irving does it to a level and competency few attempt or achieve. The standards and work ethic he models and requires of every person on his team ensures exceptional legal protection for his clients. It’s not just a matter of pride. It’s a matter of conviction.