Have You Been Accused of Indecent Exposure or Public Nudity?

If you’ve been accused of indecent exposure, or public nudity, you more than likely are facing some serious charges. These charges could ruin your reputation, or even tarnish your record. In order to maintain your freedoms, and protect your reputation, you need an indecent exposure lawyer to help defend you in court.

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Keep reading to learn what you need to know about indecent exposure charges and their legal penalties.

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What You Should Know About Virginia’s Indecent Exposure Law

In Virginia, an indecent exposure law violation is defined as, “when a person makes an obscene display of his or her person or private parts in a public place, or where others are present.” Although an exception is made for breastfeeding.

Offenders will be guilty of a Class 1 Misdemeanor—resulting in fines and potential jail time.

Don’t let a mistake or unfounded allegation jeopardize your future. With a quality indecent exposure lawyer guiding you through the legal process, you can fight your charges and save your name.

Protect Your Reputation

Sex crime charges are serious, and should not be taken lightly.

The penalty of an indecent exposure conviction extends beyond fines and potential jail time mandated in Virginia’s laws and penal code.

Professionally, individuals who have committed sex crimes like public indecency may have difficulty finding employment, or even rent an apartment.

Whether you are guilty or not, it is important to take action and hire a defense lawyer to give you a chance at defending your character and freedom.

The Right Representation May Save You

Being charged with a crime, even if you’re innocent, can make you feel helpless. Having the right representation by your side will give you the assurance you need to prove your innocence.

A qualified indecent exposure lawyer will thoroughly investigate witness testimony, often the only evidence in an indecent exposure case, and construct an aggressive defense that may help keep your name clear.

It’s a worthwhile investment, considering the potential indecent exposure charges and legal penalties discussed above.

Get The Help You Need

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At The Irving Law Firm, P.C. we understand that sex crimes can have serious consequences for both you and your family. We will treat your case with discretion and work to protect your name and keep you out of jail.

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