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    A lawyer for online solicitation of a minor knows about the increasing prevalence of sexual crimes due to the rise of digital technology. With just one click, situations can spiral out of control, leading to misinterpretations or legal allegations. A criminal lawyer in Manassas is readily available if you find yourself accused of such an offense.

    Here, you will learn about the seriousness of online accusations in Virginia. Given the harsh penalties associated with such offenses, you’ll see why having a sex crime lawyer is crucial for your defense.

    A Lawyer For Online Solicitation Of A Minor Is Your Legal Guide In Virginia

    Let A Lawyer For Online Solicitation Of A Minor Guide You

    When confronted with allegations of online solicitation of a minor, the consequences include hefty fines, imprisonment, and lasting damage to your reputation. A skilled Manassas online solicitation attorney understands the gravity of these cases and can provide invaluable guidance and advocacy to safeguard your interests.

    Lawyers can dissect the charges against you, develop a strategy, and represent you in court. Their job is to defend and protect your rights throughout the legal process. Bringing them on board early regarding your situation offers numerous advantages. One of which is fully understanding the nature of the allegations against you.

    Understanding Online Solicitation Of A Minor In Virginia

    Online solicitation of a minor is covered under the Use of Communications Systems to Facilitate Certain Offenses Involving Children section of the Code of Virginia. This statute makes it illegal to use electronic means to engage in or attempt certain sexual activities with a person less than 18.

    Electronic means of communication include email, chat, text messaging, social media platforms, or other communication systems. The law specifically prohibits the following activities with lascivious intent:

    • Revealing sexual parts to a minor or suggesting that the minor expose themselves to them. 
    • Proposing that the minor feel or fondle the offender’s sexual parts, their private areas, or suggesting that the adult fondle the minor.
    • Inviting sexual activities with the minor, including intercourse or oral sex.
    • Luring or inviting a minor to go somewhere to engage in lustful acts.

    Given the serious nature of these offenses, Virginia law imposes severe consequences on individuals convicted of online solicitation of a minor. To fully grasp the impact of these laws, it is essential to explore the specific penalties and legal repercussions offenders may face.

    The Legal Penalties & Consequences Of The Offense

    Using a communications system to solicit sexual favors from minors is illegal for any person, regardless of age. The penalties vary depending on both the age of the victim and the alleged offender.

    Penalties For Minors Aged 15 To 17

    If the minor is 15 to 17 years old and the accused is within seven years of the victim, the crime is a Class 6 felony. This violation carries a penalty of up to five years in prison or up to 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500.

    If the alleged offender is at least seven years older than the minor, the crime is considered a Class 5 felony. Its legal consequences include imprisonment for one to 10 years or up to 12 months in jail, along with a fine of $2,500.

    A second offense in which the offender is seven or more years older than the victim is punishable by one to 20 years in prison. The mandatory minimum sentence is one year, which must be completed fully.

    Penalties For Minors Under 15

    If the minor is less than 15 years old and the accused is not more than seven years older than the minor, the crime is a Class 5 felony. Meanwhile, if the alleged adult offender is at least seven years older than the victim, the crime is punishable by five to 30 years in prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of five years.

    Suppose a second offense occurred where the alleged adult offender is at least seven years older than the under-15 minor. In that case, the act is punishable by ten to 40 years in prison. The mandatory minimum sentence for this is ten years, which must be served in full.

    Additional Consequences

    Online solicitation includes cases where an adult uses the internet or other communications systems to solicit minors for child pornography. These offenses are considered a Class 5 felony. Beyond the immediate legal penalties, those found guilty have additional long-term consequences.

    Typically, employers conduct background checks before hiring, and a felony conviction makes it harder to secure a job. Convicted individuals also struggle to find housing because of restrictions on their residency and landlords’ reluctance to rent to them.

    A conviction will also require registration on Virginia’s sex offender registry. It may carry a heavy social stigma, affecting relationships and community standing. Moreover, felony convictions lead to the loss of certain civil rights, including the right to vote or possess firearms.

    Understanding these severe penalties and consequences highlights the importance of securing a solid legal defense. A Manassas online solicitation attorney can help you navigate these serious charges effectively.

    A Lawyer For Online Solicitation Of A Minor Protects You

    An attorney for online solicitation of a minor in Manassas brings skills, experience, and a strategic approach to your case. They employ various defenses to protect your interests and challenge the prosecution’s case. Some of these include the following strategies.

    Challenging Evidence

    A defense lawyer meticulously examines electronic communications to identify any inconsistencies, inaccuracies, or instances of entrapment by law enforcement. It can cast doubt on the validity or interpretation of the communication, undermining the prosecution’s case against you.

    Questioning Intent

    Another legal approach is to question the intent behind the alleged solicitation. Your defense attorney may argue that any communications were misinterpreted or taken out of context. They can emphasize that there was no genuine intent to engage in illegal activity with a minor.

    Examining Due Process Violations

    Examining whether your constitutional rights were violated during the investigation or arrest process is similarly essential. Your sex crime lawyer can assess if law enforcement conducted illegal searches or seizures, coerced statements, or violated your right to legal representation.

    A lawyer for online solicitation of a minor may also file motions to challenge evidence or statements if there are due process violations. It will put a reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case. As a result, it can strengthen your defense and get lesser penalties or dismissal of charges.

    Negotiating Plea Deals

    In some cases, negotiating plea deals with the prosecution may be a viable defense strategy. Your sex crime lawyer can leverage their negotiation skills and legal knowledge to secure favorable plea agreements that reduce the charges or penalties you face.

    Reaching a plea deal avoids the uncertainty and risks of trial while obtaining a more favorable outcome than if you were convicted. It will lessen your sentence, and you can move forward with your life in a shorter time.

    Asserting Mistake Of Fact

    Your criminal lawyer might argue that you reasonably believed the person you were communicating to was of legal age. This is based on their online information. This strategy may involve showing that the minor misrepresented their age or used an online platform that requires users to be of legal age.

    Navigating a solicitation case requires a comprehensive understanding of the law. With effective defense strategies and skilled legal advocacy, you can confidently confront the charges against you. An attorney for online solicitation of a minor in Manassas is crucial in protecting your reputation and securing your future.

    Let The Irving Law Firm Defend You

    An Online Solicitation Lawyer Will Be Your Legal Representation And Ally During The Allegations Of Your Case

    When facing online solicitation charges, you need a law firm with the right blend of experience and skills. The Irving Law Firm is a smart choice because we advocate for defending clients against technology-driven criminal charges. Our team knows the intricate dynamics of online communication and internet-based evidence, which are critical in sex crimes.

    We are well-versed in Virginia’s legal landscape and have a proven track record of defending similar cases. Our attorneys understand how digital communications can be misinterpreted or manipulated, allowing us to effectively challenge the prosecution’s proof. We ensure that every piece of evidence is scrutinized for accuracy and context.

    Moreover, we offer personalized and compassionate legal support and recognize the immense stress and fear accompanying such charges. Our approach combines aggressive defense tactics with empathetic client guidance.


    In today’s digital world, no one is immune to the risk of online sexual crimes. You must safeguard your rights with all available means if you’re accused of a serious offense. Hiring a lawyer for online solicitation of a minor can make a difference in the outcome of your case. 

    They bring skills, strategy, and support to ensure you understand the nature of your charges.

    If you’re in Virginia, it’s wise to consider The Irving Law Firm to defend and represent you. Our experience, dedication, and compassionate approach guide you in challenging times. We are readily available if you need us to protect you against solicitation of a minor.

    Don’t let this allegation destroy your life and future; we are here to support you. Contact us today, and we will take the load off your shoulder.

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