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Manassas Adoption Lawyer

Manassas Adoption Lawyer

At the The Irving Law Firm, we have provided clients throughout Northern Virginia with family law support throughout the adoption process, helping families develop happy, fulfilling futures.

Keep reading to learn how adoption lawyers can help you navigate the adoption process—whether you’re planning an independent adoption and need a private adoption attorney or a public adoption.

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How an Adoption Law Firm Can Help You

Adopting a child in Virginia is a long and involved process meant to ensure the safety and welfare of the children being placed with a new family.

For families and individuals who are looking to adopt, it helps to be aware of the number of laws and statutes that are in place to make sure that the adopted child’s situation will be ideal.

Because children deserve a bright and successful future, the commonwealth of Virginia wants to make sure that the family the child is being placed with will be able to address their every need for healthy development.

That is why adoption involves steps like:

  • The Initial Application – When going through the adoption process, you will first have to complete an application that asks some initial questions which will be expanded upon in the next step.


  • The Home Study – This will answer the question of how serious your dedication to adopting the child in question is. Adoption lawyers in Fairfax and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia will be able to help you navigate this step by preparing you for the close examination how well you will do as a parent, your overall lifestyle, and your reasons for wanting to adopt, among other things. It helps to know what your rights are during a home study, as well as what kind of questions you can expect to be asked by the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS). The study is a thorough investigation into your relationships, family background, and other metrics that measure your suitability as an adoptive parent. By working with an adoption lawyer, you can be sure that you’ll be prepared for this harrowing process so that you come one step closer to expanding your family.


  • The Probationary Period – During a six-month period required by law, you will have the opportunity to experience supervised visits with the child. During this time, an assessment will be made by a certified social worker concerning the child’s adjustment with his or her prospective new family. The social worker will determine if the placement would be an ideal one for the child, should it become permanent. Our adoption lawyers in Manassas can further elaborate on what you should expect during this period. It is important to show DSS, the adoption agency, and all other organizations that have authority over the adoption proceedings that you will be able to provide a loving, caring environment for the child. That is why it is in your best interest to consult an attorney who can provide guidance through the process.


  • Finalization – At the end, it pays to have representation when the time comes to file a court petition. An attorney will provide expert knowledge related to your rights and options once the adoption process has been completed and you start your life as a new family.


The steps described on this page are a general overview of what you can expect, but adopting a child involves much more than what is shown here. As is the case in many instances, your case is likely unique and will require special care and attention.

That doesn’t mean that the long, involved procedure for adoption has to be intimidating. Let professional adoption lawyers in Manassas help you sort through what it takes to bring a child into your home.

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