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A prenuptial agreement is a contract that a couple signs during their engagement phase. Both parties sign the agreement with a view toward what will happen when they marry. The prenuptial agreement is signed prior to marriage. This contract lays out a plan for how assets will be divided if they should happen to divorce or, in some cases, if one spouse dies. Prenuptial agreements are geared towards the division of property (like houses or land) or personal property (including bank accounts, retirement accounts, jewelry, vehicles, etc.).

Virginia Prenuptial Agreements

Virginia Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Should I get a Prenuptial Agreement?

This is a question you should ask yourself if you are engaged or are planning to marry someone in the future. Some consideration for a prenuptial agreement should be given if:

  • You or your future spouse has major debt
  • You or your future spouse owns property
  • You and your future spouse have a drastic difference in earnings
  • You or your future spouse has children


Virginia Divorce Lawyer for Prenuptial Agreements

We can help you better understand what rights and protections will be available to you and your spouse after the marriage if the two parties do not secure a prenuptial agreement.  From our office in Manassas, we serve clients throughout Manassas and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia. To contact our prenuptial agreement lawyer at our firm, call 703-468-1885.

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