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Your Family Matters

During the course of divorce or separation, sometimes it is in the best interests of your children’s future to obtain the services of a child custody lawyer in Virginia. No case that deals with the well-being of a child is easy, but we can help you to understand the process, and in turn adequately communicate to the court your rights and concerns.

Virginia Child Custody Lawyer

Virginia Child Custody Lawyer

In the difficult situations that call for a child custody or visitation attorney, it is imperative that your legal representation has the values of experience, capability, and compassion. Your child custody attorney must understand that the impact of court proceedings on your family matters.

                         Child Custody Laws

The state of Virginia allows for both mediation and court proceedings when dealing with child custody. If the other parent has obtained a child custody attorney, it may be in your best interests to also acquire representation.  Even if you and your spouse have already verbally agreed to the custody of the child or children in question, it is comforting to make that agreement official.

The Irving Law Firm has a history of standing by our clients through nearly any proceeding, and offering experienced family law advice to help you protect the interests of your family.  We will partner you with an experienced child custody lawyer in Virginia who has worked similar cases and is familiar with the process.  Your attorney will deliver you the advice, knowledge, and understanding to find peace of mind moving forward.

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We consider our law firm to be more than just a business.  To us it is a family enterprise whose mission is to protect and defend the children of our clients. Whether you are looking for a spousal support lawyer or a child custody attorney, it is important for us to always keep in mind that your family matters.

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